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Views of Wakefield: Then & Now

Louisa Fennell’s watercolours depicting various scenes around Wakefield c.1900, are a much loved part of The Wakefield Permanent Art Collection which we have here at The Hepworth Wakefield.

Over a century has passed since Louisa Fennell created these paintings and although certain landmarks and buildings within Wakefield remain, a lot has changed. Blog author, Claire Webster, Retail Assistant at The Hepworth Wakefield, set out one afternoon armed with Fennell’s images and a camera, to photograph these landscapes as they are today, from the same position. Read more

Artwork of the Month: Winged Figure

If you’ve visited the Hepworth Wakefield since its opening two years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to have missed the gigantic aluminum sculpture Winged Figure. Resembling a hollowed out hull of a boat with a radial formation of metal rods across its middle, it’s size, at nearly 6 metres high, ensures that it dominates one end of Gallery 5 and is the largest prototype by Hepworth still in existence. Holly Grange, Collection and Exhibitions Assistant, looks at the story behind the iconic sculpture.

 Images clockwise from left: 1) Barbara Hepworth, Winged Figure (Protoype), 1961-2. Photographer: Stephen Shaw. Copyright: Bowness, Hepworth Estate 2) Winged Figure in situ on the John Lewis Building, Oxford Street, London, 1963 3) Barbara Hepworth, Winged Figure (Prototype), 1961-2. Photograph: Hannah Webster. Copyright: Bowness, Hepworth Estate 4) Richard Rogers conservator working on Winged Figure at John Lewis, 2013.
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