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Crazy Sculpture Web: A blog by Arts Award participants

Hello! We are a group of young people aged between 17 – 22 who have been participating in a project ‘Make Something Amazing’. A couple of weeks ago we had never met each other and some of us had never been to The Hepworth Wakefield before. We didn’t know what to expect and thought that art meant being good at drawing, but – a week a half later – we have experimented with different types of printing, sculpture, plaster work and drawing with wire.

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Hong Kong, 1996, diCorciaAmerican artist Philip-Lorca diCorcia (b. 1951, Connecticut) is one of the most important photographers working today. Philip-Lorca diCorcia Photographs 1975 – 2012, is the UK’s first exhibition to show works spanning his career, and is currently on show at The Hepworth Wakefield until 1 June 2014.  Read more

Fashion designers on their favourite artworks

The Guardian asked their favourite designers to reveal the paintings, sculptures and galleries that inspire their work. Here’s what designer Peter Jensen had to say about Barbara Hepworth:

“We did a collection for spring/summer 2013 that had Barbara Hepworth as the muse and we were asked to show this collection as an evening event [at The Hepworth Wakefield]. Truly, it was just amazing being around her work and walking through a space that has been designed to fit this grand work by this little woman. I loved it and thought that what I did was so small in comparison to this art.”

Philip-Lorca diCorcia on ‘Selfies’


A photograph of Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres posing with actors including Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Bradley Cooper, Lupita Nyong’O and Brad Pitt became the most retweeted selfie on Sunday night, temporarily shutting down Twitter and sparking debate about viral marketing and who paid for the snap.

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