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By artist Paul Hurley and writer Caleb Parkin

We have been working in collaboration for a few years, exploring different town and city spaces through art and cycling. We were thrilled to be invited by The Hepworth Wakefield, with the added dimension of doing a ride at night as part of March’s ArtWalk! Being unfamiliar with Wakefield, the city seemed a perfect canvas for our expeditions and psychogeographical experiments. (“Psychogeography” was originally coined by Situationist International artists in the 1950s, who were interested in finding new ways of navigating the city – thinking of it not just as somewhere just to work and to consume, but to play and create new situations and experiences).PL-Images

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Digital Futures at the Heart of Arts Education

This weekend I was back to my hometown of Gateshead to attend the National Society for Education in Art and Design National Conference excited by the idea of finding out what schools want from digital so that we as a gallery can respond with our learning materials. It was good to hear the old mother tongue and to be hosted by Baltic –  perfect to see a bit of art in the break!

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