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The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair: Advice to emerging artists

Most galleries are small businesses run in many instances by a single individual or a small team. This means that their time is limited and is usually a precious commodity. Therefore, when approaching galleries, it is important to bear this in mind. At PAPER, we look at all materials that are sent to us by artists; however, we have a policy that we will not reply to artists unless we have an opportunity to work with them. We even state this on the website. PAPER is a small gallery, yet we receive submissions on a daily basis. My time is used working on behalf of the artists we represent and supporting their practices, rather than writing sensitive and constructive feedback to artists.
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The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair: Introducing James Bywood

Returning to The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair for a second year, contemporary landscape artist James Bywood will be exhibiting a new selection of screen prints taken from his walks across northern England.

Still concentrating predominantly on the fells and lakes of Cumbria and The Peak District, James’s work has developed considerably in the last year. Capturing the essence of a view is still at the core of his practice, yet he is now increasingly incorporating graphical language more commonly seen in magazine and book printing into his work. This adventurous departure from previous work has given his new screen prints a unique quality, whilst still retaining the characteristic use of colour and mark that makes his work so popular. Read more

The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair: Artist’s Statement from Drusilla Cole

For over twenty five years, I taught as a Senior Lecturer at The University of the Arts, London. Surface Pattern has long been an interest of mine and I currently have several books published on the subject.

My artwork is figurative and often demonstrates my interest in vintage ceramics and quirky flea market finds. Another fascination is with unusual  architectural constructions. Fairground and circus scenes also appeal to me, and our beautiful countryside. Read more

GUEST BLOG: A Firm of Poets #FourUnderParr

It was way back in 2008. My band had signed to Universal, and I was in meeting after meeting with various departments; trying to decide which direction to take things in: videos, photo shoots, radio spots – all of which I was fairly clueless about. And then it came to artwork. Being a huge fan of The Smiths means that I’ve always put a great deal of importance on artwork, and I stressed that I wanted to go down a photographic route.

Social realism has always been a fixation of mine, and I was quite taken by work which I’d found by John Bulmer and Tom Wood. And then I discovered Martin Parr. Instantly I was completely blown away by his collections; ‘The Last Resort’ and, being a West Yorkshire lad, particularly ‘The Non-Comformists’. I became obsessed with Parr’s images. My enthusiasm was infectious, and eventually the head of marketing at the label agreed a fee with Magnum, but unfortunately it fell through at the last minute. Read more