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Barbara Hepworth: Experimenting with Print

Our current exhibition A Greater Freedom: Hepworth 1965-75 (closing Sunday 24 April), focuses on Barbara Hepworth’s prolific approach to art making during her later years. The exhibition features a collection of lithographic prints created by Hepworth during this period of time, developed in collaboration with legendary print studio Curwen Studio Press in London. A full set of Barbara Hepworth’s experiments with print are kept within The Hepworth Wakefield’s collection.

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Meet the maker: Witshop

WitShop are Jakob Creswell-Rost and Freya Hawtin. We create design-led stationery and gifts with a paired back aesthetic, splashes of colour and a hint of wit. Our designs include calendars, recipe notecards and kitchen towels. We are both from Yorkshire but are now based on the shores of Brighton to be closer to the sea and to be a part of Brighton’s creative buzz.

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Meet the tutor: professional photographer Tom Arber

Photographer Tom Arber discusses his approach to photography. Tom will be leading a number of photography workshops over the next few months in response to Martin Parr’s exhibition, ‘The Rhubarb Triangle and Other Stories’. Full Details of each workshop can be found here.

‘For me an image doesn’t have to be perfect – it’s about communicating what you see without having to explain anything. I want to get across a story, a moment or an event in one (or sometimes across a set of images).

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The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair: caring for your print

Buying original prints offers a wonderful way to enjoy affordable works of art by favourite artists.  The rich variety of tones and textures that can be achieved with printmaking techniques ranging from etchings and linocuts to silk screen prints and lithographs also provides plenty of interest for the keen collector.  Moreover, the value of rarer, sought-after prints has been rising and can represent a canny investment.

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The Hepworth Wakefield: Advice on starting your own collection

Follow your heart, be kind to your mind and be kind to your pocket: A Brief Introduction to Collecting 

I describe my pop up gallery presentation as eclectic and it is that very property which drove my initial interest in works on paper and then on to running the gallery which now pops up all over the country.

When purchasing art follow your heart, be kind to your mind and be kind to your pocket.  Buy art, buy prints is a mantra by which we can all live. Prints provide an affordable entry into art collecting but should above all be regarded as works of art in their own right and as such should reflect the buyer’s  interest and enjoyment. They may have been produced in multiples, but that contributes to their affordability. It does not detract from artistic merit. Read more

The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair: Advice on buying prints

‘My only advice would be to buy the prints you like…’

Original Prints have been described as ‘the most democratic art form there is’ because, whereas a painting by an established artist will cost several thousand pounds, a print by the same artist may be had for a few hundred.

However the word ‘print’ can lead to confusion: reproductions are frequently, loosely and incorrectly referred to as ‘prints’. Yet there is a world of difference between an original print and a reproduction. A reproduction is photographic (or scanned) representation of an existing image and as such will have little value. An original print has been created by the artist, sometimes in collaboration with a printmaking studio, and is a work of art in its own right.

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The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair: Introducing Robert Battams

Robert Battams looks at the abstract landscape, juxtaposing found elements and advertising billboard papers with representations of networks, infrastructures and architecture.  His work explores the relationship of Art and technology, and his new work focuses on the human computer symbiosis; the uncanny overlap between organic and artificial material and technologies.  Read more

The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair: Introducing Helen Roddie

My studio practice combines a passion for plants, drawing and print. I work with vinyl-lino and the everyday, natural things that surround me. Walks with my dog across local fields give me the time to appreciate all that is bright and beautiful.  Much of my inspiration comes from hedgerows – the chaotic tangle of plants they hide have a special appeal as ever-changing, living sculptures.  I love the search   for the unusual and peculiar amongst the ordinary and familiar. Read more

The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair: Introducing Lucy Pass, Little Lost Soul

Established in 2012, Little Lost Soul offers a range of clothing and accessories made with high quality materials and fabrics to create original, easy to wear designs that reach an effortless balance between comfort and style.  Read more